20 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers (Earn up to $2000 per sale)

Why do you need highest paying affiliate programs?

Can a blog become your primary source of income?

Absolutely! With the right strategies, you could achieve this goal in less than a year.

In a previous blog post of mine titled “14 Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs & Affiliate Marketers Every Beginner Should Follow in 2024 Who Are Making $1000 to $300,000 Per Month,” I highlighted several bloggers who are pulling in substantial monthly earnings from their blogs.

One common source of income for many of these bloggers is “Affiliate Marketing.”

But what exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Well, it’s when you refer people to purchase products or services from someone else, and when they make a purchase through your unique affiliate link, you earn a percentage of the sale value as a commission. This is how you generate income!

Here are a few compelling reasons why Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic strategy for making money:

  1. You don’t need to create your own products or services.
  2. The earning potential from Affiliate Marketing is virtually unlimited.
  3. Some affiliate partners even offer higher commissions if you reach a certain threshold of sales per month. For example, Bluehost increases their affiliate commission from $65 to approximately $125 per sale when you bring in around 5 to 10 sales each month. This means your earnings can grow exponentially!
  4. It’s completely FREE to apply for affiliate programs and promote their products. (A significant advantage, wouldn’t you agree?)

Let’s explore some of the most lucrative affiliate programs that can help you monetize your blog and set you on the path to earning six to seven figures from your blogging efforts:

20 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

  1. FlexOffers FlexOffers stands out as one of the finest affiliate networks available. Even novice bloggers can secure affiliate status if they own a website to promote. With over 12,000+ affiliate programs spanning various niches, you can select and promote products or services that align with your content. The user interface is clean and navigation is a breeze, allowing you to track your traffic, impressions, and daily earnings.

    FlexOffers boasts excellent support with a responsive affiliate management team, ready to assist you with any queries. They have a decade of experience and were recognized as one of the top 10 best-performing affiliate programs in 2016. A key attraction for bloggers worldwide is the option for international payments, which is especially valuable for those residing outside the United States.

  2. Impact Impact is another prominent affiliate network akin to FlexOffers. Joining the Publisher’s network at Impact is straightforward. Publishers complete an online registration form with their contact details, website information, company particulars, and payment preferences.

    Unlike some other affiliate marketing networks, Impact may take some time to approve publisher requests, but the patience can be worthwhile. Once approved, you gain access to a vast selection of programs across various niches, including affiliates for mobile apps.

  3. VigLink VigLink, although not an affiliate program in itself, offers an innovative platform that connects numerous merchants, including major brands like Amazon and AliExpress, with relevant affiliates. This eliminates the need to individually sign up with various affiliate programs. VigLink streamlines the process by automatically connecting and tracking affiliate links from multiple networks.

  4. CJ (Commission Junction) Formerly known as Commission Junction, CJ Affiliate by Conversant is one of the oldest and most reputable affiliate programs that collaborates with some of the world’s best brands. Established in 1998, CJ boasts over 3,000 leading advertisers and brands. Upon registration, you’ll be assigned an affiliate manager to assist you. They provide monthly payouts with a $25 minimum payout threshold.

  5. ShareASale ShareASale ranks among the high-paying affiliate programs and has a rich history of over 18 years in the industry. It serves as a major affiliate platform with more than 4,000 advertisers, including renowned brands.

    ShareASale is a go-to choice for many bloggers due to its extensive offerings in pay-per-click and pay-per-sale models. Whether your blog focuses on fashion, cooking, or gardening, ShareASale provides a diverse range of affiliate programs to cater to your specific audience.

  6. Amazon Affiliate Amazon Affiliate stands as one of the largest affiliate programs, offering over a million products for promotion. Whether you run a vast network, content site, social media platform, or a blog, they provide simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your website or blog.

    Through the Amazon Associates affiliate program, you can earn up to 10% in advertising fees. An intriguing aspect is that if someone lands on a product page through your link but purchases a different or even ten unrelated products, you’ll still receive commissions for those products.

  7. Bluehost Bluehost, a well-regarded web hosting company, offers a generous affiliate program that rewards you with approximately $65 for each referral you send their way. Their user-friendly affiliate dashboard simplifies navigation. Bluehost even offers an exceptional feature—increasing your earnings to approximately $125 per signup when you send between 5 to 10 referrals in a month. In fact, Bluehost has paid over $5 million to its affiliates in 2015 alone.

  8. iGain iGain is an affiliate network similar to FlexOffers but stands out with its exceptional customer service. They have a dedicated team available 24/7 to assist you. iGain primarily features survey-based affiliate programs.

  9. Teachable Teachable is an online teaching platform where you can create courses tailored to your expertise and sell them to millions of eager students. Their enticing offer includes providing you with 30% recurring commissions for an entire year for every new customer you bring. Your earnings are deposited directly into your PayPal account, making it a lucrative option for affiliate marketers.

  10. Rakuten Marketing Network Rakuten Linkshare is a top-tier affiliate marketing platform that has been operating since 1996 and consistently ranked as the number one affiliate network for the past seven years. It hosts over 1,000 advertisers, including global brands across all categories. In the last year alone, Rakuten claims to have facilitated orders worth more than $100 million.

  11. Awin Awin stands as an affiliate network that serves as a platform for both advertisers and publishers to expand their online ventures. With over 13,000 advertisers, 100,000 publishers, and a remarkable $148 million generated in 2017, Awin has established itself as one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks.

    The only requirement for joining is a minimal registration fee of $5, which is exceptionally affordable when you consider the substantial earnings potential by becoming a part of Awin.

  12. ConvertKit ConvertKit is an email service provider (ESP) widely embraced by bloggers. They offer an enticing deal, providing a 30% recurring commission for every customer you refer. What this means is that if you send them an account valued at $99 per month, you’ll consistently earn $30 each month.

  13. Ebates Ebates operates as a cashback website that rewards you with free cashback for each successful online purchase. What’s more, Ebates offers a remarkable incentive for affiliates: they provide $25 if you refer Ebates to your friends and family.

    However, it’s essential that they sign up through your link for it to be recognized as a successful referral. The noteworthy aspect is that you don’t need a website to be an Ebates affiliate, ensuring everyone can seize this opportunity to earn big.

  14. Shopify Shopify is a renowned e-commerce platform that empowers individuals to establish their online stores and generate income from them. Shopify enjoys widespread popularity in the e-commerce realm. To sweeten the deal, Shopify affiliates have the potential to earn up to 200% of a month’s plan price.

    For instance, this equates to around $58 for the basic plan, $158 for Shopify, and a substantial $598 for the advanced Shopify package. But here’s the real kicker: if you successfully sign someone up for a Shopify Plus Plan, you’ll receive an impressive $2000 commission directly to your account.

    Simply sign up for the Shopify affiliate program, await account approval, and you’ll be furnished with a unique affiliate link. This link can be promoted across your blog, social media platforms, or even in your YouTube videos. It’s as simple as that!

  15. Swagbucks Swagbucks is a versatile website that allows you to engage in enjoyable activities like taking surveys and watching videos while getting paid for your time. You can leverage this platform to earn money or maximize your savings. Payments are made in Swagbucks, which you can convert into PayPal cash.

    Swagbucks features a unique referral program where you receive 10% of all the Swag points that your referrals earn throughout their lifetime. You can redeem these points for gift cards or PayPal cash, ensuring a steady stream of earnings.

  16. Spyfu: SpyFu stands as an exceptional competitor research tool, offering a wealth of features for SEO and PPC campaigns at reasonable rates. Their membership commences at a mere $33 per month, encompassing unlimited searches and downloads.

    What’s in it for you? By referring individuals to SpyFu, you can pocket a generous 40% in monthly recurring commissions. For instance, if someone opts for SpyFu’s $299 Team plan, you’ll rake in $119.60 in total, paid out each month. Furthermore, your commission payouts are facilitated twice a month, either through PayPal or wire transfer.

  17. Long Tail Pro: Long Tail Prois a formidable keyword research tool utilized by over 70,000 marketing teams worldwide for discovering long tail keywords. What’s the earning potential with Long Tail Pro? As a Long Tail Pro affiliate, you can enjoy a 30% commission for each subscriber referred through your affiliate links, encompassing all future recurring payments.

  18. Raven Tools: Raven Tools offers a versatile all-in-one SEO toolkit, featuring 45 advanced tools ranging from white-label reporting to link building, rank tracking, website audits, and more.

    What’s the compensation like?Raven Tools offers enticing terms, granting you a generous 40% recurring commission on all their products for the duration of your referral’s account.

  19. TubeBuddy: TubeBuddy reigns as one of the most sought-after YouTube channel management and video optimization tools. It equips YouTube video creators with features for bulk video processing, video SEO, and promotion, among others.What’s the earning potential?

    When you refer users to TubeBuddy, you’ll enjoy a generous 50% recurring commission for as long as they maintain their paying customer status, every month.

  20. SocialPilot Social: Pilot emerges as an economical social media management tool tailored for bloggers and small businesses. It facilitates social media scheduling, social media analytics, and team collaboration, among other features.

    What’s in it for you? By promoting SocialPilot, you can secure a lucrative 30% recurring commission on all SocialPilot subscription sales. The beauty of it is that you also earn a commission for every renewal.

Important Tips

  • Affiliate marketing presents an opportunity to generate passive income, even while you’re sound asleep. Don’t leave money on the table when visitors are on your website!

  • When selecting an affiliate program, consider the following factors:

  • Do they offer robust customer support?
  • What are their commission rates, and how frequently do they make payments?
  • Does their payment method align with your preferences?
  • Is the program relevant to your niche?
  • Furthermore, it’s crucial to disclose the use of affiliate links in your blogs consistently. This isn’t merely a suggestion; it’s a rule! Failing to do so could prompt the FTC to take legal action against your website. As long as you adhere to this simple rule, you’re good to go!

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